Football Manager 2018 Coaching Star Calculator

To use this calculator, simply fill in the details of your staff under attributes. This will change the ratings next to the star. Guardiola is there as an example, you can delete him and his attributes only.

DO NOT CHANGE FORMULAS AS THIS WILL BREAK IT FOR YOU. If you do break it, reload the page and it will reset. You will lose any staff names you have filled in.

Please report issues.
Known Issues; 

Sometimes Goalkeeper ratings do not calculate the same as what the game says. Removing brackets in formulas fixes this for some reason. However, this does then break it for the people who it did calculate correctly for.

5 thoughts on “Football Manager 2018 Coaching Star Calculator

      1. it is still incorrect. these are my goakeepers all 4 stars:

        4 9 8 15 15 15 11 14 7 15 11 12
        6 7 7 18 18 19 8 4 8 15 3 16
        8 7 5 19 19 19 7 7 5 8 12 14


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